October 26, 2021

What is a SSL Certificate?

security certificates bannerWith the flood if online criminal activity in recent years, website users and designers need to brush up on the basics of Internet security. One of the easiest ways for website designers to protect their site is with a SSL certificate. This simple encryption software allows users to send in payment information and other personal data without worrying about identity theft.

When banks operate an online site, they use 256-bit encryption to protect clients’ data. This encryption method ensures that any data received by the site or sent out from the page is encrypted. To protect a regular website, web designers can purchase the same level of encryption. An SSL certificate can be bought from the site’s web hosts. Once the SSL certificate is used by the site, it encrypts any financial and personal data held by the site.

In modern times, many users are savvy about online safety concerns. Before making a purchase, they will look for telltale signs of an SSL certificate. A protected site will have https:// at the start of their domain name. The domain name may be highlighted in green or appear with an icon of a padlock. Before users make a purchase, they will often make sure that the website is a safe place to buy.