Facebook series

5. How to manage your privacy settings on Facebook

1) The privacy settings on Facebook let you limit the access to your content, like photos and posts. For example, if you didn't want everyone to be able to view your photos, you could limit access to your friends only.

2) Go to Account, then click Privacy Settings.

3) Click View Settings.

4) These settings are related to connecting on Facebook. Choose who can search for you, send you messages, and more.

5) By changing the Send you Messages setting to only friends of our friends, they become the only people who can send us messages.

6) Click Back to Privacy.

7) This group of settings control who can see what you share, including photos, family members, your birthday, and bio.

8) Choose one of the presets to change all permissions to everyone, friends of friends, or friends only.

9) If none of the presets are suitable, you can create your own custom settings. Go through the list and change each setting to your preference.

0) To edit settings for apps, games and websites, click the Apps and Websites link in the bottom left.

11) Adjust these settings as needed then return to the previous page.

12) The Block Lists link allows you to block people and apps.

13) If, for any reason, you need to block a user, enter his name or e-mail address on this screen. If you continue to receive invites for apps from your friends, you can block the invites by entering the name of a friend.

14) That's it! Now you know how to manage your privacy settings on Facebook.