October 26, 2021

What is a Drag and Drop Website Builder?

wix 300 website builder bannerA drag and drop website builder is the easiest way for new users to create their own website. It is simple to use and allows web designers to create quality sites within minutes.

Most web hosts offer website builder programs. This software boasts of multiple layouts and often includes hundreds of design options. Since it is designed to be intuitive, anyone can use the software without learning any HTML code or technical ability. Users just have to select a domain name and log in to their account. From that page, they can begin to design their site.

Website builders are called that when they possess a certain kind of functionality. Web designers have to select what the application or image they want.  Once the widget has been chosen, the web designer only has to drop it into the location they want. This process makes designed a web page simple and exceptionally efficient.

To make creating a new site affordable, many web hosts will often offer deals with their website builders such as discounts on domain names.  For individuals searching for a way to design the perfect site, a drag and drop website is the easiest and fastest option.

If this is your first website you should expect to pay no more than $10/month for your website builder.

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