December 6, 2016

Turnkey Websites – What You Need to Know

turnkey website restaurant

An example of a Turnkey Website for a Greek Restaurant.

Like the name suggests, a turnkey website is a website where you purchase a website that is already constructed for you or your type of business.  You simply add your own information and your website is ready to use.

This option is a fast and affordable way to get an online business going without having to have a lot of internet expertise or experience. For the new website owner, a turnkey website is a way to ease into all of the knowledge required for website design and building without having to learn a lot of coding or other techie information. If you can write an email you can easily create your own turnkey website in just minutes.

The Best Turnkey Websites for $8/month

The best web host of turnkey websites is All Star Websites.  They offer over 120 websites for all types of businesses and occasions and include these with their website maker.  For less than $8/month you can have your turnkey website set up in in just minutes.

Some of the websites include those for: travel agencies, photographers, lawyers, architects, house cleaning services, landscapers, realtors, restaurants of all types – greek, pizza, chinese, diners, cafes, fine dining, etc., hotels, artists,  weddings and many more.  If you want a professionally designed website where the sales copy has already been written for you then for the price of $8/month their websites can’t be beat.

Benefits of Using Turnkey Websites

Most turnkey websites are extremely simple to build. You just simply login to your web builder account from any computer and you can create and manage your website. You don’t need to install any special software on your computer. In addition, you do not have to have any professional knowledge to get started. Once the website is purchased, it can be up and running within minutes. You can customize the entire experience and alter the appearance of the website. The turnkey websites allow you to easily add and edit pages, add images and videos and any other content you want to add to your site.


turnkey website 2Obviously, creating a website from scratch is going to be more customizable and unique. Although turnkey websites are customizable, the changes that can be made are limited. Since many people in the marketplace purchase the same turnkey website, there is always a chance that different customers may have similar looking pages; however, the more editing a customer does, the more unique their turnkey website can be. So, if you add or change the images on your website it can look totally unique and unlike any other.

Who Should Get a Turnkey Website?

Turnkey websites are perfect for anyone who wants an affordable, customizable website, but does not have the experience to do it all on their own. For someone without any knowledge of web design, the amount of learning required can seem insurmountable. If someone wants to hire a professional web developer, the cost can end up running into the thousands or tens of thousands. With a turnkey website, a beginner can get started on creating their own unique page without having to invest too much time or money. Most turnkey websites cost less than $15/month.

Additionally, an business owner must often be an expert at promotions, marketing and advertising. Learning the ins and outs of online web development can take time away from the areas the owner needs to focus on in order to have a successful business. It is illogical for an owner to spend all of their time on web design if it is not their forte. Purchasing a turnkey website package is the best way to economically use an owner’s time and money.

Why Buying from a Web Host is a Smart Choice

wix 300 website builder bannerA web host already knows which formats and templates work best with their website. Users can easily access turnkey website templates without having to worry about finding a reputable site. The Internet is full of vendors peddling their own turnkey websites. Finding which vendor to use is fraught with difficulties. While there are plenty of legitimate websites out there, some turnkey website providers might be frauds.

Sellers who offer large packages with hundreds of templates in unlimited quantities create a dilemma for the buyer. To make a unique website, website developers need to have completely original content and templates. Turnkey website providers who sell thousands of the same templates are not selling unique goods. Going through one of these providers’ only guarantees that the buyer will have the same kind of website as everyone else. Avoiding providers who sell unlimited quantities can help website developers to get a more unique platform.

Owners really need a reputable seller who gives each client the support that they have to have. A web host is better able to tailor their offerings to the clients that they already have. Web hosts know what expectations and needs their clients already have. They can create unique templates that are tailored to their long-term clients.

A web host is also far more likely to let a client try out many different templates and change the template whenever the user wants. The web host is already receiving money for hosting the website so they are less worried about losing out on business or money. New users can experiment with different templates and styles at any time.

Beginners should especially consider making their purchase from a web host. Someone who does not have a lot of technical knowledge will spend hours in frustration as they try to install the template. Instead of wasting time getting it set up, choosing to purchase it from the web host saves hours of time and means the client never has to figure out how to make the turnkey website function. Overall, it is much easier to just purchase a turnkey site from a web host.

What are Templates?

Templates are the style and design of the website. A website that sells shoes will need spaces for a picture of the product, link bars on the side to navigate and search bars. Unlike a website that sells physical goods, a content based website will have an entirely different focus. For each business and web design, the client will need a varied template to search their needs.

A web host is your best bet for having the many different types of template designs that you need regardless of the type of website or business you have.

Templates and Content

Any content that is on the template should always be tweaked to include information specific to you and/or your business. You will want to add your own address, phone number and so forth and perhaps add your own images or change the text of the website to specifically meet your needs. This will also make your website and its content unique. Content that is the same over multiple websites will get a drop in their search engine ratings so making your website content unique can help you rank better in the search engines.

Overall, a turnkey website is one of the top ways to get started with an online business without having to spend years studying technology or website design. You can get a turnkey website from a web host for a fraction of the cost that comes with using a professional web developer and it’s much easier, simpler and more affordable than creating a website from scratch on your own.