October 26, 2021

Is Low Cost Domain Registration Safe?

low cost domain registrationWhen conducting business online, many people are correctly worried about the safety of their personal and financial information. There are many hackers and Internet criminals waiting for a chance to steal valuable data. With this in mind, some people are hesitant to use low cost domain registration. At a time when cybercrime is regularly on the evening news, this fear is logical. With proper precautions and a good company, registering a domain name can be safe and secure.

A Reputable Company

The key to keeping information safe is to use a reputable company. If the company has a reputation for protecting its clients’ interests, it is generally a safe bet. Many domain registrars will offer low-cost domains to entice new customers. Even though the domain costs less, it is still the same domain and just as secure. New users should ensure that the registrar offers low rates for renewals as well as the initial purchase of the domain. Many companies will provide low startup costs, but will charge much higher prices with each new renewal. They may charge almost nothing to register the domain name and then boost prices to as much as $35 in the following year!  The best domain registrar has a continuously affordable price and a good reputation.

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SSL Certificate

If users are still worried about the safety of information on the web page, they can look for proof of an SSL certificate on the domain registration provider’s order page.  Modern consumers are increasingly savvy to how technology works. They know that an SSL certificate protects their personal and financial information. Some clients will even choose not to do business with a company that lacks this certificate. In essence, a security certificate ensures that any information sent to and from the website is encrypted. This process is similar to a bank’s encryption and provides an enhanced level of security.

Private Registration

One of the best tools to protect an owner’s information is through private domain registration. Even a low cost domain registration will often offer this option as an add-on. Traditionally, each website owners name and address was listed in a database of owners. Anyone who had an Internet connection could instantly connect to the page and view the owner’s personal data. In recent years, domain registrars have figured out ways to prevent this from happening. Users can choose to have their information registered privately. The web host knows the owner’s personal information, but no one else. If a hacker visits the data base of domain owners, they will only see the name and address of the web host. When it comes to protecting an owner from Internet criminals, private registration options are some of the cheapest and easiest ways to instantly guard data from predators.

Is Purchasing a Web Domain Safe?

The resounding answer to this is yes.  As long as the web host or domain registrar is reputable, the low cost domain registration will be safe.  They should also look at renewal prices and additional fees. As a guide, .com domain names should cost around $10 to $15 a year.

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