October 26, 2021

How Do I Buy a Domain Name?

buy domainAnyone who is looking to buy website domain names can do so easily online. Most companies offer this service for between $10-$15 per year. The biggest factor in buying a domain name is to select the right company. Some domain registration services charge low upfront fees, but raise their prices drastically for renewal contracts. Likewise, cheaper companies often offer fewer services and may resell banned websites.

The easiest way to find a domain registration company is to look carefully at their normal fees, check the price of renewals and look into their reputation. A reputable company is the best one to use because it has a history of providing the services that web developers need.

Choosing a Name

One of the hardest things for web developers is to select a name. Each domain name should reflect the website’s content or product line. It should be short enough to be memorable, but unique enough for clients to remember it. Popular domain registration services will often have a domain name search tool. This tool bar allows the user to input a domain name. Within seconds, the search engine will show if the domain name is available. If it is not, the search engine will offer similar options that have not been taken yet.

Here is a search box from All Star Websites (the company I bought this site’s website domain from).  To search for a web domain just enter it in the box below then click Go.

Some users may benefit from purchasing multiple versions of their domain name. Hackers often like to set up websites that use common misspellings or similar words to legitimate web pages. If a web developer expects his or her business to grow over time, it is smart to consider buying  up a few variations initially in order to protect the brand in the future.

Selecting an Extension

Before someone can buy a website domain, they must first decide what extensions they want to have. The most common one is .com, but other extensions may also be suitable.  For example, if the website is based out of a certain country and appeals mostly to visitors from that company it could take advantage of a country specific extension such as .co.uk (United Kingdom) or .ca (Canada).


Once the perfect domain name is found, the user must register it. They will have to input their name and address information. This process can open someone up to identity theft if they are not careful. Every domain must register the owner’s personal information in the WHOIS database that is easy to view by anyone online. For a few dollars more a month, users can get around this issue. Web developers can register their domain by proxy. Instead of their personal information appearing online, the proxy service’s address and phone number will appear. The user will still retain ownership, but their personal data will be protected.   This is called private domain registration.

wix 250 website builder bannerBefore entering payment information, users should check the registrar’s home page for any specials or discounts. Current prices should always be consulted before making a purchase so that the user can get the best price available. Once the developer selects their domain package, they are ready to input their payment information. Users should always check to make sure that the register they are using has an SSL certificate. This designation ensures that the user’s payment information is encrypted and remains secure.  To buy website domain names, the user just has to click a button to complete the registration process then begin setting up their website.

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