October 26, 2021

The Importance Of Web Traffic In SEO

Targeted website traffic enables your internet site to get many visitors that are most likely have an interest in purchasing products and/or services that your business website is offering.  How much traffic does each site need to be successful?  It depends a lot on the business niche/competition and a variety of on and off page markers.

Marketers often seek out benchmarks by which to measure the effectiveness of various marketing programs as well as their performance vs. industry competitors. In some cases, this information can be quite useful and enlightening, for example, when looking at average email open rates by industry.

In other situations, however—such as when looking at what percentage of total website traffic should be driven by organic search—the answer is a clear but not helpful “it depends.”

Looking at the same sample of 40+ b2b technology websites used in the recent b2b mobile website strategy post here, the average for the first quarter of 2012 was about 39%. But the range of results was wide, from less than a quarter of total website visits to almost two-thirds.

Even that doesn’t tell the full story. When it comes to share of traffic driven by search, few websites are “average.” Instead, most fall into either a low range (generating a quarter to just over a third of all traffic from search) or a high range (with organic search accounting for half to two-thirds of total visits).

Several factors impact the share of traffic that any marketer can expect to generate from organic search, including:

(including a blog). It’s hardly surprising, but maintaining regular SEO efforts, even if only a few hours per month, has a strong positive correlation with increased organic search results….More at How Much of Your TrafficShouldCome from Search? | Social

Always aim high and have the best web content for your website because it can contribute greatly to the success of your business. Also, make sure to get the trust of your clients for them to keep coming back and rely on your business. Once you get the trust of many clients, you would definitely have a long term business relationship with them.

You can definitely have the best of both worlds where you can find efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to using promotional strategies.