October 26, 2021

I can’t see my Facebook Timeline. Help! It disappeared!

facebook logoOver the last several months many facebook users have reported that their facebook timeline and all of their timeline posts have disappeared.  So, what’s causing this?  More importantly how do you fix it and get your facebook timeline and posts back?

The Probable Cause

Although facebook isn’t talking  – do they ever? – there have been reports that facebook is rolling out an upgrade to their timeline.  There are bugs in this upgrade which, because it’s a rolling upgrade, affect different users at different times.

If one of the fixes below doesn’t work for you then most likely it’s due to the facebook upgrade and there isn’t anything you can do but wait it out.  Most users report that their timeline and posts come back within 1-2 weeks.

Possible Fixes

Some facebook users have reported success with the various fixes below.   Others have reported no success at all with these.

Fix #1

Log out of facebook.  Clear your browser cache.  Reboot your computer.  Then, log back in to facebook.

Portrait of excited young businessman with hands raisedFix #2

Remove your profile picture.  Upload a new profile picture (it can be the same picture if you want just upload it again).  Log out of facebook.  Stay off for a few hours.  Clear your browser cache.  Log back in.

Fix #3

Log out then use a different browser to log in to facebook. For example if you normally use Internet Explorer to login to facebook try to login using Firefox or Google Chrome instead.

Fix #4

Log out of facebook then use a different device to log in to facebook.  For example, if you normally connect to facebook with your computer, try to log in to it using a smart phone, tablet or another computer.

Fix #5

Go to “Activity Log”.  In the top right corner there is a box next to the word “Include”.  That box will be unchecked.  Check that box.  (Be aware that if you do this option and it works that now everyone will see what you post which you may not want.)

From what I can tell those are about all the solutions that have seemed to work and they don’t work for everyone. If it’s a bug associated with a Facebook rollout then none of these will work for you and you will have no choice but to wait it out.

If you are one of the unlucky ones that just has to wait it out make sure to log out and clear your browser each time you check to see if your timeline is back working the way it should.

I really hope one of these fixes work for you and you are one of the lucky ones.

To commiserate with other affected facebook users and to know you aren’t alone with this issue you can go here.

Good luck!