October 26, 2021

How to Prevent the Most Common SEO Mistakes

Some websites promote a business well but some don’t.  Some won’t make it because they lack determination, strategy and persistence in making a business successful.   Others fall short because they fall prey to common SEO mistakes.  Here is a great guide that explains what the usual SEO mistakes are as well as how to prevent and guard against them.

Though it is important to use the right SEO campaign, you may need to avoid a few ideas that will only be counted as a mistake by these search engines. Avoiding them will give you the advantage of being visible to search engines. So what are these SEO mistakes? Here are the 5 common mistakes you should avoid:

#5 Mistake – Not paying attention to your visitors – this is common to those who are wrapped up in aiming to be indexed by search engines. While the use of SEO is important, your visitors count too. Keep in mind that without your visitors, your website will be nothing. Your optimization activities should never compromise the quality of your content to the point where your visitors/readers will find it uninteresting. So make sure that you are able to use the right SEO guidelines but never forget about your audience. If you keep them happy then you will most likely reap both increased profits and high search rankings.

#4 Mistake – Your site is overly developed but can’t be indexed properly – some of you may like a website that is “flashy” and by flashy, I mean websites that are full of images, flash animations, java scripts and other code elements. What you don’t know is that search engines cannot index these sites properly. Why? This is because search engines have crawlers and if these “crawlers”, “spiders” or robot programs that cannot see anything worth indexing on your site then it will dismiss your site. When we say index, this means that search engines are looking and stores contents with useful information which can be later on used for future searches. If you are aiming to be indexed then make sure that you minimize the use of these three. This way it will be easy for search engines to find your contents.

Sites that are not updated will lead to fewer visitors and decreased rankings. Not only that, you may also have decreased sales. Keep in mind that search engines are not only looking for fresh contents but sites that are fully updated as well. Do make sure that you keep your website updated, post new and fresh content at least twice a week. Make sure that you cover all areas that search engines are looking for; this way your site is a sure fire….More at The 5 Common SEO Mistakes: Avoid them for your own good

These 5 mistakes provide a great start as far as the do’s and don’ts of website ownership and marketing on the internet.  It’s important to take the necessary steps so that your website will not only be indexed by Google and the other search engines but also that will help you improve your search engine rankings.  It takes time and effort but knowing the most common mistakes is a great start.

Here is a great guide for you to know how to use the leverage of SEO.