October 26, 2021

How to Build a Blog Community

In the world of internet, it is not only about you and your website.  The more social in nature your website is the more it can help build up a community which will encourage visitors to return again and again to your website. For many blog owners today the importance of creating a community of members means the difference between a successful blog and one that withers away.   Here are some tips to help a new blog owner build up their blog and social interactions on it.

Community Creating To Do’s

1. Building Your List of Potential Community Members

You need to find the people who are interested in your niche and create a list. Your list should include as many details about each person as possible. Their Twitter handle, Facebook info, email address and any other details that are relevant. For example, I asked each person the age of their tweens/teens. Decide what info you would like to collect and then start a spreadsheet. I tweeted, creeped other’s Twitter lists, Facebooked and made note of comments on my site to find people I would like to add to my list.

Create a private Facebook group for your community where you can share frustrations, accomplishments, posts and get to know each other better.

On Twitter, add a column devoted to your ever growing list so that you can be connected daily.

2. Getting Others to Guest Post

Having bloggers guest post allows you more time for the Business of Blogging (that will be the next post in this series) and allows you to expose your niche to other bloggers’ communities. When other’s guest post ask them in advance to tweet the post at least twice on the day it goes live as well as to share it on their Facebook page.

Create a page on your site called “Guest Post” with all of the details such as number of words, who provides the post photo, what you need in the bio, that they need to include a photo of themselves, etc. Here is a link to my page for reference. http://www.ooph.com/submit-a-post

Create a list of potential guest posters both by name and by any profession you might be interested in. For example my list contains pediatricians, psychologists, sports docs, technology experts and more….More at Community Building Around Your Blog | Building a Blog Community

The blog community today plays a very important role in giving a good opportunity for websites to be known. In blog communities,people recommend good websites to people and give significant information too. With blog communities, you will be updated of almost everything.

With Mingle WordPress plugin, your blog can be a good social haven for many website users.  Have a good interaction with many people and build great business relationships now.