October 26, 2021

Getting Up After Pengin Updates Using Generic Anchor Text List

A recent Google update – Penguin – targeted overused anchor text.  A lot of webmasters were targeting just one particular web phrase or keyword as they promoted their websites.  With Penguin Google made a change to their algorithm which resulted in a website being penalized if anchor text was used too often.  The results is that for those webmasters who actively pursue link building it is now critical for them to make sure that a variety of more generic link phrases are used to link to their website so that the linking pattern is varied.

Generic anchor text might not sound too familiar, but according to Marketer’s Black Book it one important tool useful for increasing search engine positioning. Recent Google updates have shaken up the search engine world and website owners around the world are feeling the shift in placement. The team at Marketer’s Black Book has developed one of the largest lists of generic anchor text that website owners can use to change out website links that are overused. This list is now available free of charge and it is specifically designed to help websites to recover from the Penguin update. The list can be obtained by going to http://marketersblackbook.com/seo/best-list-of-generic-anchor-text-for-link-building.

Hyperlinks helped to start the phrase “surfing the web” after the earliest web users in the infancy of Internet popularity would surf from page to page by hyperlink. These links started as springboards to other areas of interest online and have now become one of the most useful ways to direct traffic to and from a website. There are multiple hyperlink styles and on-page links and off-page backlinks have started to dominate search engine results causing the recent Google Penguin update. “A link is definitely no ordinary links these days,” said Francis Ablola, Expert Copywriter and co-owner of Marketer’s Black Book. “A well positioned backlink or on page link can mean the difference between zero dollars and hundreds of thousands of dollars in e-commerce sales,” added Ablola. Public data has revealed that over 20 percent of websites in Google’s search engine were affected by the Penguin update.

A website owner that is learning the ropes of Internet marketing usually has to make the decision to go the DIY route or hire help. Traditional costs of search engine optimization can become expensive and there are usually no guarantees in traffic increases. A new trend that has developed in the last two years is to outsource link building or learn to incorporate it into a current marketing plan. Companies that provide link building services can benefit from the generic anchor text list offered by http://www.marketersblackbook.com/internet-marketing-tools and the additional marketing tools to help recover from the Penguin update.

Future updates by Google are scheduled to continue with more coming as soon as the end of June 2012. The importance of link building to increase visitor traffic to a website will likely continue for website owners around the world. …More at Generic Anchor Text List is Helping Websites Recover From Google’s

Good thing there are great ways to recover after Penguin updates. Just like the generic anchor text list, you would now erase your worries. With all the efforts you made, it won’t be thrown away anymore because of  the generic anchor text list.

You  better use  normal anchor text so that you won’t be penalized.