October 26, 2021

Four Tips That Can Help You Gain Web Visitors

It can be frustrating to compete with other business competitors particularly on the internet.  It always seems like there are hordes of others who are after the same customers you are which makes it tough to get and stay at or near the top of the search engine rankings.  This guide provides a couple of neat tips that can help you improve your chances of success and gain web visitors.

Often, there isn’t much wrong with the site iteslf — it’s professionally designed, and the portfolio is full of gorgeous work. But it just sits there, in an obscure corner of the Internet, being quietly ignored.

Taking a website from zero to a few hundred or even a few thousand visitors a month is not easy, but it’s eminently doable — as long as you recognize a harsh truth about the Internet:

The online world is an attention economy. Attention is finite, and therefore scarce. So if you want people to pay attention to you, you need to earn it.

You can’t expect your work to speak for itself. Most of the time, it won’t. You need to accept that marketing is part of your job, just as much as making.

But the game changes when you start applying your creativity to your marketing — it becomes more fun as well as more effective. Here are four ways to use your creativity to attract the right kind of visitors to your website.

1. Create an amazing blog.
Note the word ‘amazing’. I’m not talking about a blog you only update when you’ve got a new client or exhibition, or something new to sell. I’m not talking about a personal diary where you to post your musings on art, life, and the universe. I mean the kind of blog that grabs people’s attention by delivering outstandingly valuable, useful, or entertaining material — consistently….More at 4 Creative Ways to Attract More Visitors to Your Website :: Tips :: 99U

These tips range from the simple to complex in terms of skill level and time and effort required.  However, these simple steps – when executed successfully – can be very effective for your website and give you an edge in attracting web visitors and potential customers.

Jack Henrick, the founder of wikiHow.com talks about good methods you can utilize to attract online users to your website.