October 26, 2021

Allowing Readers From Your Blog To Interact Can Build Good Relationship

The goal of every website is to get visitors.  One way to encourage visitors to return is to build a good relationship with them while they are on your blog or website.   While not all blogs allow commenting if you do decide to allow it this can really help you increase the social interaction on your website with visitors so that they will feel good about your website and want to return.

Here is a good list of tips to help encourage visitors to not only like your website but like it well enough to bookmark it and return.

#1: Write in a Personal Voice

You can probably tell from just the first few paragraphs of this post that I like to write in a personal tone. And if you’re looking to truly cultivate relationships with the stuff you write, a personal feel will make a HUGE difference.

When done properly, writing in a personal tone and style will immediately help readers feel more comfortable with an author/company and this comfort level naturally lends itself to readers considering leaving their thoughts in the comments section or via email in a direct reply.

So whether you’re writing about swimming pools, insurance, equipment, services, etc.—strive for a personal voice.

#2: Invite Reader Response by Asking Questions

Studies have shown that less than 1% of readers will leave comments on a blog, but I can assure you this number would be better if writers would simply guide the reader in terms of questions at the end of posts.

No matter what your business is, the final paragraph of your blog article is the perfect spot to ask specific questions regarding the topic you’ve just discussed.

that would help other readers. It’s truly amazing the difference this will make if it becomes a habit with everything you write….More at 19 Ways to Build Relationships With Blog Comments | Social Media …

If you want many website users to read your blog, you must also give them a space in your site where they can ask questions or express their own opinion. That way, you are also giving your blog a chance to have a good website traffic.  I’m sure that with the 19 tips given, this blog has already convinced you on how important it is to be socially active.

Here is a good tip for you to have a higher online visibility from website users. In this video, you would enjoy a good discussion about website traffic with Denise Wakeman.