October 26, 2021

A Checklist That can Help You With Your Social Media Marketing

Social media is widely used by millions of people all over the world. That is why almost all businesses use social media marketing for it to be known by the public conveniently, efficiently and effectively. With social media marketing, you have the potential to reach thousands or even millions of potential clients.

“Google Hangouts are worth learning about and setting up. A Hangout offers you the ability to meet live with up to 9 people in a video and text chat environment, save the event and broadcast it to the world… or not. It’s a great way to visit with customers and connect with them on a more personal level. Think about a bicycle repair shop demonstrating options for repair or replacement parts to a customer, instead of just trying to explain the problems and solutions in a phone call or email. How about a politician holding a personal group discussion with a few people and answering questions recorded on YouTube from many others? And suppose it was all saved and broadcast to millions? Pretty effective, isn’t it?” – Gillian Muessig, Founding President, SEOMoz

“Create personas to help understand the audience on each social media platform. While this is a glittering generality, here’s a lighthearted way to begin to think about the audiences on Google+ and Pinterest: men are from Google+; women are from Pinterest.” – Gillian Muessig

“Just responding to comments on your fanpage is not enough. If you really want your active and engaged fans to become repeat buyers for life, you have to really know them and let them know you care. They need to feel like they are special. The last time I went to buy some wine, the seller looked at his computer and asked me “did you enjoy that Bordeaux you bought last week?” I was amazed, and wowed for good! These guys knew me and cared about my experience with them. You want to give that same impression to your fans. If they have posted something last week and come back to comment this week, you want to show them that you remember their previous post! To do that, you need some tools, Facebook won’t be enough. But the WOW it will create will be worth the investment.” – Emeric Ernoult, Founder, AgoraPulse

“Building a fanbase on Facebook and publishing great content to get them engaged is good. But what is great is to build that Fanbase on your website, not only on Facebook! Very few people know that they can turn their entire website into a fan capturing machine.

By displaying like buttons on their products’ pages AND integrating simple OpenGraph meta data withing their HTML code, they can turn their visitors into actual fans and send them very targeted message through Facebook Newsfeed. This tactic just requires to learn a little bit about the Facebook OpenGraph concept. This is something you need to learn.” – Emeric Ernoult…More at 10 Ways to Improve Social Media Marketing | OMI Blog

Always have a good target with great social media websites like YouTube, facebook, Twitter and even in Instagram because these are a few of the top social hubs where millions of people usually visit. Start having a good strategic plan now and reach customers through social medias now.

Have the chance to know on how to build rapport with your clients and even with the potential clients that are your usual web visitors. Here is a good video that can help you get started using 5 ways in improving social media engagement.