October 26, 2021

How Much Does Professional Website Design Cost?

The cost of a custom website really depends on the way the fees are structured and the requirements of the website. Each web designer will also charge fees based off of their own level of expertise. If the work is outsourced overseas, the website can be designed for as little as $8.00 an hour. The low-cost often comes with lower quality work and questionable grammar usage. Top website developers will charge as much as $500.00 an hour to design a site.

To figure out what works best for your website, you should carefully consider your own budget and what you actually need. Each website needs a different design concept, a variety of applications and tools. The needs of an ecommerce website are far different than a site that is set up to showcase articles or content. With this in mind, web developers should contemplate the needs of their project before committing to a particular package.

How is it Charged?

Most designers charge for their services in one of four different ways. They will charge the client for the project as a whole, per page, by hour or by package. Since each project can easily run over on time, many web designers choose to charge the client by hour. This hourly rate will vary from minimum wage to hundreds of dollars.

If the website developer charges by project, the owner of the website should be careful to list all of the requirements before they start the project. The better web design companies will always provide a detailed list of what is included in the project. If you neglect to find out what is included beforehand, you can end up with a nasty surprise when your website is complete.

By Page or Package

On occasion, custom websites will be charged per page created. At the low end, designers may charge as little as $50 per page. This price is generally for sites that do not require a lot of customized options. Lower prices are also generally charged for websites that require a huge number of pages. On average, clients can expect to pay $100 to $200 per page. When selecting a web designer, clients should always remember that they get what they pay for. An inexpensive web designer is generally cheaper for a reason.

website maker all star websitesSome designers will also market their services in pre-made packages. This option is generally cheaper than customized sites, but lacks some of the options a high quality website would desire. It will come with fewer features and be far less unique than a customized website. If a client selects this pricing plan, they should always check to see if they can purchase other features if they need it later on.

The key thing to look for is s a reputable, high-quality web designer. A custom website is the best way to showcase a business and should appear better than a cheap cookie-cutter web page. Since it is a better quality product, clients should always expect that they will pay more for it. Although the higher-end prices are not necessary, clients should avoid designers who promise the cheapest package.


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