July 26, 2021

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost

low cost domain registrationThere are many high-quality web hosts operating on the web today.  When someone wants to create a website, they can look at one of these companies to find the perfect package for their website.  Once the web designer has found a web host, the designer must select a domain name.  Since many sites operate on a low start up budget, finding a web host and domain name service that offers an affordable price is imperative.

Fortunately, new websites do not have to spend that much money to register a domain name. Most web hosts charge somewhere between 10 to 15 dollars a year for a .com domain name. 

To search for an available domain name, click here.

To make the process easier, a good web host will also help the user select a domain name.  Users can type in the domain name in a domain search engine.  After a couple of seconds, the web host will tell the user if the domain name is still available.  If it is not currently open, the web host will provide the user with several alternative names that are available.

Once the perfect domain name has been found, the user just has to register their information and send in a payment to the web host.