September 22, 2021

How Do You Find a Domain Name?

Anyone who wants to get a domain name will be able to find a number of available resources online. The best way to choose one is to consider carefully the target audience or the product the website represents. Once a potential name has been selected, users must ensure that it is available or purchase it from the company who currently owns it.

Catering to the Company

The domain name should reflect the company. If the website is intended to sell custom shirts, a name like may be a good selection. A domain name can also reflect the services a business offers or the information offered by the website. A site that provides information on the flu might choose a simple name like

DomainWeb developers and site owners should always keep in mind a few characteristics of successful domains. Although websites can have names that span 63 characters, it is always better to keep a name simple. With so many sites on the Internet, users find it difficult to remember any domain name that is longer than a couple of words. Likewise, users should choose a domain name that is memorable. Domain names that have a lot of unusual characters or hyphens will find it difficult to create a steady readership. Clients may unintentionally be directed to a competitor’s website if they forget to add the additional characters.

Most of all, a name should be descriptive. Too often, web masters choose to create a name that just contains the initials of their business name. Unless your business is a household name, this approach will not work effectively. Even multinationals firms like Bank of America or Goldman Sachs still have their full company name as their domain name. A domain name represents who the company is and what they sell. Without a valid description, readers will be unable to gauge the intent of a website from just the search engine listing.


If web designers want to get a domain name, they have to do more than just search the Internet for their ideal domain. Sometimes, other companies have purchased the domain without putting it online. The owner may have bought it for a future use or may be holding on to it to resell in the future. To check on the domain’s availability, users need to visit a web host. Most high-quality web hosts will have a search bar that can scour the web for available domains. If the name is taken already, the search engine will also recommend similar names that could work as well.

wix 300 website builder bannerTo get a domain name, users have to go through an accredited domain name registrar. These domains usually cost between $10 – $35 per year to register.  Some web hosts offer specials on similar domain names. Smart web masters can purchase common misspellings of their domain or similar domains. By doing this, they can protect their investment and prevent other companies from stealing away their client base.

Users should also be careful when purchasing names that have been used before. In addition to potentially representing another business, it could be linked to a website that was permanently banned for spamming. By using a reputable web hosting company, web designers can avoid this dilemma and select the perfect domain name.

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